Vic flirted with Amber + the llama got embarrassed and ran off the scene.

taemin’s hips don’t lie either.

[141021 Blue Night Open Broadcast]


When Taemin was asked if he prefers to borrow money from SHINee’s eldest, Onew, or Jonghyun, He said he’d prefer to borrow from Onew because he seems like the type who wouldn’t say, “Give me back my money.” Then Taemin imitates Onew saying, “Taemin-ah…my money…ah, never mind…”

141021 MBC Blue Night Special


They asked if Taemin was a girl and Minho and Jonghyun are the only men left in the world, who would he choose. Taemin said Jonghyun because Minho is very pure and might not be able to deal with it. (20080525net)

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[oneshot] hey there, mr. blue sky

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